GTA IV First Person Mod (First person) 1.22

A mod to change your viewing perspective in GTA IV

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    (First person) 1.22

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.6 (304)

The GTA IV First Person Mod is a new, unofficial first-person take on Grand Theft Auto IV. If you think that you've already explored all Liberty City has to offer, think again! In this mod, you’ll finally be able to experience the virtual Big Apple through the eyes of Niko Bellic.


This mod for GTA IV changes the game from third-person action to first-person shooter. You can flee the scene of a crime on foot, look over your shoulder or jump in a car and navigate the world of Niko Bellic from a first-person perspective.

Overall, the GTA IV First Person Mod offers an immersive experience that puts you in the driver's seat. With its small file size (just over 1MB) and ease of use (simply tap "V" to cycle through viewing modes), it's easily in the top 10 GTA IV mods.

But it's also important to remember that this is an “unofficial” mod, so it’s not as polished as you might expect with official DLC like The Lost and Damned or The Ballad of Gay Tony. There are a few minor cosmetic glitches (reduced texture resolution, etc.) but the latest version runs fairly smooth.


You will need to install all files in the zip into the root folder of your GTA IV installation. On 32-bit computers running Windows 7+ the default directory is "C:Program filesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IV". On 64-bit computers, you can find the files in "C:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IV"

If you can’t find your root directory (the folder that contains “GTAIV.exe”), go to your start menu, find Grand Theft Auto IV, then right click “Properties” followed by “Open File Folder”. Unzip the files into the directory and the installation is complete!

GTA IV First Person Mod is an easy way to change the game into a fun, first-person shooter.


  • Compatible with most GTA IV mods
  • First person perspective both in and out of the car
  • Easy to enable/disable by pressing the “V” key


  • Minor graphical “glitches”
  • Difficult installation for beginners

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